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This Website allows the user to register for free. The User (brokers/agents) can upload photos and other documents, which include properties, according to their will. They are given the whole rights to upload the necessary things at their own risk. The person who uploaded the details about the properties will be solely responsible for the uploaded properties. The Panchayath Executive and District Executive of that particular location are given complete authority over the owners (brokers and agents). This Website won’t have any responsibilities regarding these things. As this is an online platform and needs to meet various types of expenses regarding the business, there won’t be any kind of refunding process. The property priority of listing payments will be added to the home page. The User’s (brokers/agents) work will be in accordance with the statements pointed out in the agreement on the Website. And the End User (buyers) can only use this on the basis of signed papers with the real estate agents through the Website. If anyone violates the website's rules at any time, he or she will be suspended from the website, and the user will no longer belong to this platform and also lose access to the properties uploaded by the user on this platform.
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Mediatorkerala is a completely transparent platform for real estate agents and the buyers behind the properties. This is an online platform that facilitates completely free registration and lists out the properties. As this is a free portal and needs to meet many expenses for the smooth functioning of the Website, there will not be any kind of refund procedure.
This Website needs to meet all kinds of expenses, and the interested Users (brokers/agents) have access to the property listing facility through the limited slots on the home page. Hence, there won’t be any kind of refunding process.